Qualia Systems specializes in the intelligent automation of business rules and decisions. Their software allows your business to use your existing data to make better decisions, faster.

Their visual and intuitive development tools, backed up with exceptionally powerful integral test tools, allow you to be sure you are making the right decisions. Designed for performance, Incanto allows you to make decisions as simple or as complex as they need to be.

Incanto allows you to develop systems in a graphical development environment, in days not weeks, giving your business exceptional agility. Then their unique technology means that the decision engine can process a million complex decisions a minute, per processor.

With a background in Financial Services, they understand the importance of being able to fine tune the automated decision making process. The tools give you both creative freedom and increased productivity, with the reassurance of full testing and auditing capabilities. The software has been designed to integrate easily with existing systems, and is especially suited to solving complex problems with large data processing requirements.