Data Quality Services

A small percentage of organisations are able to stand-up and proclaim that they have an active data-quality practice within their information systems data. This must have a bearing on the following:

  • Compliance and Reporting - regulatory reporting demands that regular reporting is carried out and that these reports should be accurate.
  • Client Data - to manage effective business transactions with your clients and extend client retention, it is important to maintain a high-level of data quality. Duplications and incorrect name and address data, leads to ineffective fore-casting, analysis and targeting of prospects.
  • Data Migration - why would anyone attempt to migrate data from one database to another in a bid for improvement, if the data is not cleansed before the migration? Data Warehouse or other Business Intelligence projects often fail to provide the expected ROI for the same reasons

Data Quality Management
Our data-quality practice can help you to analyse, identify and manage the data-quality of your organisation's business critical data. This important step towards increased profitability and efficiency is imperative to effective business management in these challenging times.

We have the tools and the expertise to help you to move closer towards data-quality management.

A typical data cleansing life-cycle follows:

  • Analyse data from the data sources, establish unique identifiers and indexing hooks (as-is).
  • Identify alternate look-up references for using the fuzzy-field value matching (name and address fileds)
  • Define, design and scope for cleansing operation
  • Build the models and identify re-usable components for maintenance
  • Extract and cleanse data (iterative, look-up and compare)
  • Analyse customised report and final status and prepare for migration to target databases or repositories.

Our USP's and the ability to cleanse your business critical data using our state-of-the-art tool Incanto. We are able to:

  • Build cleansing models in an agile and rapid fashion after analysing your current data state and target requirements
  • Rapidly cleanse large volumes of data due to a high performance processing-engine.
  • Build your target database with accurate de-duplicated and cleansed data
  • Accurately transform your data using rules and decisioning to provide enriched business context
  • Provides an executable engine/model for integration with existing applications or workflow to maintain the data quality and validate new data take-on.

We have the tools and expertise to manage the data assets of your organisation and improve your data management for greater productivity and profitability in a "safe" environment.