Decisioning & Rules Management

Business Rules and Decision Management Software is an area of technology which is gaining more and more publicity as organisations move closer towards meeting their compliance obligations.

Visibility of business processes, workflow and the business rules or context under which decisions are executed within the workflow, make for easy audit and provides proof of compliance.

Symphonise partner with Qualia Systems and Incanto to provide a collaborative tool which enables business managers or stakeholders to specify, author and test business rule and complex decision models in an agile and flexible manner. These models can then be deployed either as web service calls (loose-coupling) or by executable objects (tight-coupled), embedded within the workflow or other business applications.

No highly skilled programmers are required and change management is agile and flexible. Incanto provides simplicity in a very complex business area. This empowers business managers to control and manage the business rules, which govern the efficiency, profitability and risk under which business is carried out in their organisations.

Some use areas include:-

  • Credit Risk Management - primary and secondary score cards for loans
  • Insurance Policy Sales - premium calculation and policy rule enforcement
  • Insurance Claims Management - claims decisions and rules management
  • Compliance Policy Management - enforce compliance obligations
  • Data Quality - data cleanse and ongoing quality maintenance
  • Complex Business Logic - easy graphical configuration
  • Large Data Volumes - extremly high transaction benchmarks
  • Marketing - CRM database segmentation for closed-loop marketing
  • Data Analysis - ability to transform large volumes of data quickly

Download Whitepaper on Incanto Rules Engine