Compliance is becoming the Pharmceutical Industry's biggest operational headache, as competition and profit margins are constantly under threat. Like all other major industries, pharmaceuticals suffer from disparate systems and isolated silos of business activity.

Numerous legacy systems and storage make audits extraneous and expensive, as accessibility to data is onerous.

Symphonise can provide operational improvements through automated workflow and processes, which span all the exisiting systems and applications and make data easily available for audit or business management and control.

Compliance policies can be authored, managed and refined with full approval and attestation process lifecycle. Document management with integrated workflow associates and manages "case" history.

Research and development projects can be managed accross geographical boundries and can be monitored for compliance obligations.

Through the use of automated business rules and decisioning, order forecasting, profiling and segmentation of product analysis can be carried out as well as enforcement of compliance policies.