Incanto Decisioning & Rules

Incanto Business Rules and Decision Management tool is a leading-edge framework which enables the development of complex business decision logic to be created by Business Analyst level resources.

A collaborative authoring front-end allows for the configuration of business decision models by business owners and their analysts with a graphical drag-and drop user interface. This authoring tool or workstation enables specification, design, build and testing to be carried out in a single process. Internal de-bug and pre-production testing supports quick-to-deploy decision models and their change management.

Incanto is a rapid application development (RAD) tool which supports agile and flexible methods to author and deploy complex decision models. These are then integrated within the business workflows, providing the context of the activities in the particular business workflows.

Integration can be achieved by either tighly-coupled (executable) or loosely-coupled (web services) into any available business application or workflow framework.